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We are an intellectual property law firm with a practice limited to the areas of patents, trademarks, design, copyrights and trade secrets.
In addition to preparing patent, trademark and design applications, our firm provides consulting services, such as strategic consulting on intellectual property rights, technology transfer, and licensing contracts.
We believe technologies and patents owned by business entities can be highly connected to corporate profit. The entities' profits are much controlled not only by the tangible properties such as fixed assets and movable assets but also by the intangible intellectual property rights. Please pay much attention to a common fact that companies with high profits have been progressively armed with intellectual property.

We help our foreign clients capture the value of their intellectual property through patent, trademark, design, and trade secret protection in Japan.
We help our foreign clients negotiate technology transfer and licensing matters with Japanese entities.
We help our foreign clients enter the market successfully in Japan.

Mr. Inoue, president and patent attorney, has an M.S. in nuclear engineering from Osaka University and an MBA from Iowa State University. He worked 14 years designing nuclear power plants as well as managing intellectual property rights at Toshiba Corporation.
Please feel free to email or call Hiroshi Inoue with any questions.

Ishin IP International

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